SS5 Magnetic Steelbook Display Stand (Transparent)

SS5 Magnetic Steelbook Display Stand (Transparent)


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WallY - Magnetic Steelbook Display Stand

These stands are used to display your steelbook using the force of very powerful magnets. The magnets never touch the steelbook due to the Sunken Slot Design that allows the magnets to sit firmly in place, to create a strong hold on your steelbook.

These are very sturdy stands with a robust and practical design to display your steelbooks safely. These have a contact surface of 100mm and have only a 3mm edge that is visable when your steelbook is displayed.

These are perfect for collectors who like to display there collection on the Wall. There are 4 screw holes provided to fix to the wall. We recommend that customers use a protective slipcover when using these stands, to protect the steelbook from dust and scratches.

The WallY can be fitted with up to 6 magnets, these are suitable for standard size steelbooks, Lenticular, Fullslip, Jumbo and Futurepak with or without a protective slipcover. Please note these will not work with sealed steelbooks where the steelbook is not at the back of the fullslip, please see pictures.

For recommended number of magnets per medium, please see the table below:-
Steelbook Type                                                                 Magnets
Standard Steelbook, Futurepak (Without J card or Protective Slipcover) 3
Standard Steelbook, Futurepak (With J Card or Protective Slipcover) 4
Lenticular Sleeve Steelbook (With Protective Slipcover) 4
Fullslip Steelbook (With Protective Slipcover) 6
Jumbo Steelbook (With Protective Slipcover) 6

Please note that if you are unsure about using these stands are require some help on suitability, please contact us. If you feel the recommended amount of magnets is not sufficient for your steelbook, you can purchase extra magnets.


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